Humility: The neglected key

Author: Ruth Dickson

​Illustrator: Symone Hinds, Vivienne Pettigrew

Product Description

When you think about Humility what do you see? You may think about the way a person carries themselves, their lifestyle, the car they drive or even where they live. 
The words piety, frugality or even hardship may come to mind. However, it goes way beyond this as you will discover by reading this book.

A person may appear humble outwardly but lack inner Humility. Humility can not be measured by what you see externally. There are presidents, great men and women whom surprisingly have demonstrated such noteworthy and commendable Humility. 

This book is a great read for anyone who truly desires to understand the benefits of Humility.


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  • Publisher: GIHON PUBLISHING (5 April 2013)

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