The book of Ruth

I  was  led  to  The  Book  of  Ruth  by  the  comforting  hand  of  the  Holy Spirit  during  a  time  of  extreme  turmoil  in  my  life.  Understanding   the  true  meaning  of  the  book  helped  me  make  one  of  the  most   important  choices  I  have  ever  made.  The  Book  of  Ruth  is  known  for the  extraordinary  meeting  of  Ruth  and  Boaz.  There  are  other  aspects of  it  like  misfortune,  humility,  industry,  loving  kindness  and  friendship that  are  also  highlighted.  However,  the  main  message  behind  this  book   in  the  Bible  is  often  overlooked.  There  are  only  two  books  named after  women  in  the  Bible:  “The  Book  of  Ruth”  is  one  of  them.

Have you not heard about jesus?

Ruth Dickson’s illustrated Christian story books are written to  encourage deeper understanding of the gospel message. It also  helps children learn Christian virtues like love, kindness, compassion, honesty, tolerance and patience amongst many others. Listening to children read provides quality time for all: children, teachers,  parents and carers. 

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"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles..." 

(2 Cor. 1:3,4)

HUMILITY: The neglected key

When you think about Humility what do you see? You may think about the way a person carries themselves, their lifestyle, the car they drive or even where they live. 
The words piety, frugality or even hardship may come to mind. However, it goes way beyond this as you will discover by reading this book.